The principals and associates of A/HC have excellent qualifications and a diversity of experience. Collectively they hold advanced degrees in the fields of archaeology, history, rock art studies, social sciences, and urban planning. Our on-call historical researchers and archaeological field technicians typically hold at least a B.A. degree and at least two years of experience in their respective fields.

Suzanne Baker Photo Suzanne M. Baker, MA, Msc (RPA)
Archaeologist and Senior Partner

Since 1976, Ms. Baker has been the principal partner and archaeologist for Archaeological/ Historical Consultants. During these 35 years, she has provided cultural resources management services to civic, state, and federal agencies and to many environmental services companies and other private clients. Working mainly in California, Ms. Baker has been the principal investigator, field supervisor, and project manager for a wide range of cultural resources projects in urban, coastal, valley, and Sierra Nevada settings. These projects have involved archaeological, ethnographic, and historical research, archaeological survey and excavation, report preparation, impact assessments, and monitoring. She has supervised and participated in well over 300 archaeological surveys (ranging from 12,000 acres to less than an acre in size); recorded hundreds of prehistoric and historic sites; and supervised both large and small excavations.

Ms. Baker is knowledgeable regarding various statutory compliance procedures, including federal Section 106 and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requirements, and has consulted with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, California State Historic Preservation Office, and the Native American Heritage Commission.

Since 1995 Ms. Baker has been the director of the Ometepe Archaeological Project and the Cueva la Conga Project in Nicaragua. Her research for this project has included, extensive archaeological field survey, as well as in-depth recording of and research on the abundant rock art found in Nicaragua. For more information see

Laurence Shoup Photo Laurence H. Shoup, PhD (RPH)
Historian and Partner

Since 1979, Dr. Shoup has been a partner in and senior historian for Archaeological/Historical Consultants. For nearly three and a half decades, he has provided historical consulting services to civic, state, and federal agencies and to a large number of environmental services companies and other private clients, completing over 250 major and minor reports on a wide variety of historical topics in California. These include historical overviews ranging from small local to large regional syntheses and numerous specific studies. He is an expert in California’s industrial, hydroelectric, mining, transportation, and logging history. During the course of his cultural resources management work, Dr. Shoup has written many National Register of Historic Places significance evaluations and is very familiar with Federal Section 106 and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) compliance procedures. He has prepared historical and management reports for many Historic American Engineeering Record (HAER) recordations as well as transportation-related projects for Caltrans and other transportation agencies Dr. Shoup has also taught a course on how to prepare National Register evaluations at Sonoma State University.

Dr. Shoup served as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Ethiopia and received his Ph.D. in United States History from Northwestern University. During the mid and late 1970s Dr. Shoup taught U.S. history at the University of Illinois, College of Holy Names, and San Francisco State University. He has written a number of articles and four books, including Rulers and Rebels: A People’s History of Early California 1769-1901.

Daniel Shoup Photo Daniel D. Shoup, MUP, PhD (RPA)
Archaeologist and Historian

Daniel Shoup holds an MA in Urban Planning and a PhD in Classical Art and Archaeology from the University of Michigan. He recently completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Bologna (Italy), where he participated in a multi-year research project on heritage management in Turkey. Dr. Shoup has participated in archaeological fieldwork in California, Nicaragua, Israel, Croatia, and Turkey. His California experience includes major archaeological excavations and surveys, toxics research, HABS/HAER histories, and National Register of Historic Places evaluations across California. He also has experience in site management planning and visitor management.