Publications & Presentations

Over the past 45 years, A/HC has developed extensive expertise in the history and technology of railroad logging, mining, hydroelectric power, and transportation throughout California. We have also published several important studies of Ohlone people and culture in the Mission period together with the late Randall Milliken.

Some of our published work includes:

Laurence H. Shoup and Randall Milliken (1999) Yñigo of Rancho Posolmi: Life and Times of a Mission Indian. Ballena Press.

Randall Milliken, Laurence H Shoup, and Beverly Ortiz (2009) Ohlone/Costanoan Indians of the San Francisco Peninsula and their Neighbors, Yesterday and Today. National Park Service.

Randall Milliken (2009) Ethnohistory and Ethnogeography of the Coast Miwok and their Neighbors, 1783-1840. National Park Service.

Laurence H Shoup (2010) Rulers and Rebels: A People’s History of Early California, 1769-1901.

Daniel Shoup and David DeVries (2009) Historic American Building Survey records for the Big Creek Hydroelectric System (Southern California Edison Company).

Laurence H Shoup and Suzanne Baker (1987) Railroad Logging in Northeastern Siskiyou County, 1900-1956. Siskiyou County Historical Society.

Laurence H Shoup (1985) Loggers, high leads, donkeys, and shays. Railroad logging on the Oroville district, Plumas National Forest, 1909-1938. Plumas National Forest.


A/HC archaeologist Christopher Singer presents at the 2022 SCA

A/HC archaeologists presented the results of data recovery excavations at CA-ALA-11 at the 2022 meetings of the Society for California Archaeology. An important Bay Area shell midden site, CA-ALA-11 is located on the Oakland Estuary. Our excavations recovered many burials and over 200 thermal features with dates from 3,000 BCE to 600 AD.